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Guest Column Regarding PREPAREDNESS...Are You Prepared?


Week before last the Seattle Times ran a story on an early warning system to protect the infrastructure and hopefully save lives. It seems infrastructure and information distribution are receiving all the attention and money with nothing left over to prepare our citizens. Billions of dollars are spent annually on testing and information sharing. Homeland Security's budget is in excess of $145 Billion a year. Add every city, county and state government budgets to the mix and you get an idea how much is spent on the infrastructure and messaging. With no civil defense shelters anymore, remember those? And they use to be stocked with provisions. There are no funds allocated to provide emergency preparedness supplies to be stockpiled for our citizens. One might ask the question: Who is making an effort to provide for those at risk of our citizenry, those most vulnerable during a time of a natural or man-made disaster? Seattle's service disabled veterans at American Preparedness Co. have been providing free 72 hour emergency preparedness kits to disabled seniors, single parents, low income inter-city kids and low income military families for over three decades. We do this because we see the need and to attract attention to those who seem to be expendable. Many are vulnerable but none of us are expendable. Recently we were part of an effort that provided 1000 three day one person basic essentials emergency preparedness kits to Seattle seniors on the Meals on Wheels program. Many of these seniors are disabled or shut-in's who now have the basic supplies to withstand the first three days of a disaster, or until help arrives. As adults we are responsible for those who are dependent upon us, especially the young and the elderly. We need to ask what resources are going to be provided to those at risk in our city. Our veterans have accepted the challenge and welcome others who care to join us.

Can we count on you to help, to be prepared, to be a First Responder in your neighborhood, to become a Community Emergency Response Team CERT trained responder? Our motto is:

Get Ready-Be Ready-Stay Ready....AND help others to Be Ready. Thank you!

Below is a link to our Emergency Kit distribution event to Seattle seniors on MOW in partnership with KC Sr. Services and the good folks at Swedish Hospital.

Thank you,

Jeffrey A Guite, President and Founder of check us out, you'll be glad you did.

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business 'SDVOB'