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Beyond Customer Service

American Preparedness is a service-disabled, veteran owned business and leading manufacturer and distributor of emergency preparedness kits for government, military, businesses, disaster relief organizations, and individuals and families.

Founded in 1981, American Preparedness is committed to providing products that support our clients during natural and man-made disasters. Our focus on excellence is demonstrated by the review and approval of all of our kits by the American Red Cross through their PDM certification program. We work to employ military veterans and disabled veterans to assemble our kits. Over 51% of all the products in each kit are made in America.

Long-standing vendor relationships allow for highly competitive pricing and delivery timelines. Our in-house assembly capacity offers superior output for every type of customer whether an individual or institution, and for stocked inventory special orders and custom capacity orders. American Preparedness has been recognized by the Under-Secretary of Veteran Affairs for service to the community.

Regular donations of preparedness kits to military families, low income families and school children, through our "Kits for Kids" program have fostered a positive community reputation.

Mission Statement

To bring quality products that are environmentally friendly to the community, to respond to our customers and satisfy their needs through quality products, dedicated service, and when possible employ Service Disabled Veterans.

Vision Statement

To develop a company responsive to the needs of the customer, employees and the community and to produce a product of the highest quality and workmanship.


  • Manufacture and distribute emergency preparedness kits for use by government, military, corporate and civilian populations.
  • Kits designed for response to acts of terror, man-made accidents and natural disasters and are FEMA certified, including the FEMA "Step Kit"
  • Task-specific kits for industries including CBRNE, nursing, first responders, military, wildfire, park rangers, recreational outdoorsmen, and military, amongst others.
  • Kit quality and workmanship reviewed and certified by the American Red Cross through their PDM process.
  • Over 100 different kits for 1, 3, 7, and 10+ people, for individuals, business, and government clients.
  • Assembly capacity allows for large orders and shortened delivery timelines through in-house inventory and fulfillment capacity, NW Center and Corp of America.
  • A well developed supply chain that includes long-standing vendor relationships and large quantity ordering history offers delivery flexibility and competitive pricing, keeping costs low for our clients.
  • Extensive experience working with contracting process with agencies including FEMA, GSA, Department of Homeland Security, all branches of the military and the American Red Cross.
  • Online ordering system that allows for 24/7 access for product specs and order placement.
  • All Datrex© food bars and drinking water pouches have five year shelf lives, and have been approved by both U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard.
  • Just-In-Time manufacturing allows for customization of customer logos and specialized products.
  • All kits are American Red Cross "PDM certified".
  • GSA and American Red Cross schedules provide negotiated contract prices.
  • Assembly work capacity available for contract.