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Odor Seal 32-Ounce Spray

Price: $17.50
SKU: 301-1q
Odor Seal 32-Ounce Spray
Odor Seal 32-Ounce Spray
How does Odor Seal work? Odor Seal works by encapsulating the odor-producing source, eliminating odor almost immediately. Odor seal works to naturally destroy the odor, leaving behind fresh, clean air. Is it safe to use? Odor Seal is environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and biodegradable. It is listed on the SNAP (Significantly New Alternative Policy) Program Vendor List and is USDA-Class C. recognized. Odor Seal is safe and easy to use and does not stain. Where can Odor Seal be used? Use in all areas or situations that produce odors; home, office, locker room, spa's, auto, truck or boat. Use it to eliminate tough pet, cooking, smoke, vomit, urine, decay and musty/mildew odors. Can be used in HV/AV systems. How is Odor Seal applied? Odor Seal can be applied using a pump spray bottle, portable spray unit, power washer, or can be inducted into a misting system. Odor Seal can also be added to wash water when cleaning floors, restroom fixtures, and counter tops to eliminate odor and degrease the area. Hot water enhances odor eliminating and cleaning power. How often do I need to reapply Odor Seal? Odor Seal does not dissipate or lose its effectiveness once it is applied. It continuously works to break down and eliminate odor emanating from the odor-producing source. Odor seal should be reapplied when a new odor source is introduced, i.e. garbage. Rain will not diminish Odor Seal's effectiveness.
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