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Cold Fire Rapid Cooldown Spray

Price: $19.90
SKU: 302-cd
Cold Fire Rapid Cooldown Spray
Cold Fire Rapid Cooldown Spray
Developed from the extraordinary fire-suppressing agent, Cold Fire, this handy 12 oz. can should be your first defense in case of fire! It's essential to have in your home, workshop, car or boat to suppress small spot fires before they get out of control. Our special can is powered solely by air and will spray in any direction - even upside down! It's lightweight, conveniently sized and easy to handle and operate - especially for children and the elderly.
Cold Fire 12 oz Can Applications:
Easy to use spray can Lightweight, convenient size Environmentally safe! No fumes or odors Biodegradable, non toxic, non corrosive Leaves no mess, stain or residue! No special cleanup required Prevents re-ignition Quickly and effectively suppresses: Class A (wood/paper/furnishings) & Class B (grease/oil) spot fires Use on surfaces such as wood, paper, cotton, furnishings, fabrics, carpeting, curtains, packaging materials and storage boxes. Home Use: Kitchen stove grease fires; barbeque grill flare-ups; fireplace sparks and embers; fires ignited by candles; cigarettes/cigar fires; campfires; car, boat and RV use. Workplace Use: The handy 12 oz can is also an excellent tool for plumbers, welders, roofers and mechanics. It's small enough to carry in a toolbox. Industrial Use: Use to pre-spray areas when welding and soldering plumbing fixtures. Use in machine shop on drill press, band saw, lathe, and milling machines for cooling of hot spots. Pre-spray metal before brazing to help prevent metal distortion.
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