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Cold Fire Concentrate 5Gal

Price: $150.00
SKU: cf302
Cold Fire Concentrate 5Gal
Cold Fire Concentrate 5Gal
Cold Fire is an environmentally friendly fire-suppressing agent with an extra-ordinary ability to remove extreme heat from any object in which it comes in contact. Cold Fire is leading the way in fire fighting technology and revolutionizing the way fire fighters combat fires. It has been tested and is used by pro-fessional fire fighters worldwide. Extinguishes on contact; prevents re-ignition The suppressants in Cold Fire are encapsulators that use water as a catalyst to remove heat and fuel from a fire more rapidly Environmentally safe; no fumes or odors, non toxic, non corrosive and biodegradable Listed by the EPA on their SNAP Program vendor list as an acceptable alternative to toxic products on the market today No special cleanup required, leaves no mess, stain or residue! Considered an acceptable substitute for Halon 1211 Non-slip For Bulk Applications Can be used in portable fire extinguishers, added to pumper apparatus, reservoirs or inducted into fire hose lines in order to attack larger fires. Can be used in closed loop systems, sprinkler systems and on-board systems for automobile motorized racing; aviation; rail and boating industries.
Industries in which Cold Fire is used:
Fire, EMS and Police Departments; Military/Governmental Entities; Port Authorities; Transportation Agencies; Marine Industry, Aviation, Manufacturing Facilities, Construction, Plumbing, Welding & Roofing Industries; Automobile Manufacturing; Motorized Racing Industry; Power Plants & Utilities; Foundries; Forestry; Correctional Facilities; Security Industry; Paper & Textile Industry; Mining Industry; Oil Refineries; Steel Industry
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